Universal Tensor Network Library - Uni10

Release Notes and Change Log

version 2.0.0

Released on 2018-01-15

This release changes significantly the design of the underlying architecture of Uni10. These changes make the integration with accelerators and HPC platforms more easily. Optimizations for tensor operations are performed.


version 1.0.0

Released on 2016-06-06

This release adds Complex data type, HDF5 io, and connector to ARPACK. This release also prepares for a future release with CUDA support. Bug fixes.


version 0.9.1

Released on 2015-01-21

This is a maintenance release with bug fixes


version 0.9.0

Released on 2015-01-01 This release adds Python wrapper pyUni10, API name chaneges, and fixes bugs


version 0.1.0b

Released on 2014-05-20 Beta release of Uni10 with bug fixes

version 0.1.0a

Released on 2014-03-15 Alpha release of Uni10